Inti Wata Cultural Complex
Sun Island

  • The main private attraction of Bolivia
  • Located a few meters from the main Inca remains at Sun Island
  • 2 Underground museums; one with the largest collection of archeological and anthropological items found in Sun Island and the other of ethnomusicology and native folklore. Authentic Inca made agricultural terraces with the largest demo variety of andean crops and medicial herbs. An authentic altar from Tiawanaku where visitors participate in an ancient Kallawaya ceremony. A display dedicated to de totora reed ship-builders and to the transoceanic expeditions. Another display dedicated to traditional medicine and andean witchcraft.
  • The cultural complex also includes the largest totora reed vessel of lake Titicaca; a 40 passenger huge raft builted by Celso Arratia; a Titicaca native who worked for the world most important explorer of primitive navigation Thor Heyerdahl. Visitors to the Complex sail aboard this impressive Titicaca typical vessel from the Inca steps to the Pilkokaina Inca Palace going back in time to experience Titicaca and transoceanic primitive navigation.
  • Both the Inti Wata Cultural Complex and the Inti Wata vessel are exclusive attractions available only to Catamaran Cruise Ship clients.
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